Youth Programs

Akoma Unity Center is committed to providing children of color in our communities with high quality, no-cost Afterschool Programs and opportunities beyond the traditional school day that empower students to build academic skills and strengths, grow socially and personally, discover their independence, leadership qualities and self-worth, explore interest and talents in a safe and supervised environment, encounter new and exciting experiences, engage in their communities and beyond, and reach their full potential in school, in their communities and in life.

Academic Enrichment



Daily outdoor adventures and sports include:

  • Akoma Basketball team
  • Golf
  • Volleyball
  • Soccer

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Scholars are encouraged to explore, live healthy and think outside the box. It is our goal to expose scholars to new life experiences that will enrich their lives.

Cultural Enrichment



Partnering James Woods, Yoga Dude to provide youth with prevention and intervention skills to help them develop into strong, healthy, resilient community members.Read More »

Parent Empowerment Resources






'Where the Heart Is'

Akoma Unity Center (AUC) is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit, grassroots organization committed to the progress of African American youth, families, and communities. Akoma’s programs and services are specifically designed to meet the needs of historically excluded African American youth and communities. Our physical location is strategically situated within the community we serve at the Anne Shirrells Park (next door to Rio Vista Elementary). Programs include; Afterschool Program, Summer Day Camp, SOUL FOOD Community Dinner Night, male mentoring program, Rites of Passage, Advocacy for youth of color, STEAM Fair- Back to School Giveaway and Toy/Coat giveaway.
We utilize an African-centered framework and approach to educate, heal, and transform historically excluded communities by cultivating healthy families, organizing communities, and creating economic empowerment.
It is our vision to create a lasting infrastructure to address all the direct and indirect and short- and long-term challenges facing children and families to produce self-regulating and self-sustaining communities wherever Akoma Unity Centers reside.
Self-Determination Guided by Self-Love and the Knowledge of Self

Leadership Development and Practice Rooted in Maat

Economic Independence Built on Communal Interdependence

We are Akoma – the heart – the physical manifestation of perfect love. Therefore, we love ourselves for self-love is the prerequisite for being fully human. It gives us the power to transform ourselves, our families, and our communities. It demands excellence from us, others, and our environment. It causes us to honor our elders and ancestors and to sacrifice for our children. We have no limits. Love has no limits. Akoma has no limits. We are Akoma! We have heart!



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