Akoma Unity Center

Every Sábado, Akoma Unity Center transforms into a vibrant hub of exploration and engagement through our Sankofa Sábado program. Designed for families and youth, these sessions provide a perfect blend of educational enrichment and recreational fun. Join us as we dive into the array of activities that make Sankofa Saturdays a cornerstone of community learning and enjoyment.

  1. Educational Workshops:
    • Sankofa Saturdays are rich with workshops that cover a wide range of topics from science and technology to arts and crafts. These sessions are tailored to spark curiosity and foster a love of learning in participants of all ages.
  2. STEAM Activities:
    • Emphasizing Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics, our STEAM activities challenge young minds to think critically and solve problems creatively. These hands-on projects not only support academic growth but also prepare participants for future technological landscapes.
  3. Cultural Exploration:
    • Each Sábado, we take our participants on a cultural journey, exploring traditions, histories, and arts from around the world. These activities promote cultural awareness and appreciation, enriching our community’s diverse tapestry.
  4. Physical Activities and Games:
    • Understanding the importance of physical health, Sankofa Saturdays include fun sports, games, and activities that keep everyone moving. From team sports to individual challenges, these activities promote fitness and teamwork.
  5. Storytelling and Reading Sessions:
    • Our reading corners and storytelling sessions are a hit with families, as they foster literacy skills and a love for reading. Stories from various cultures and perspectives broaden horizons and stimulate imaginative thinking.
  6. Community Building:
    • At the heart of Sankofa Saturdays is the aim to build a stronger community. Participants engage in group projects and discussions that foster a sense of belonging and collective responsibility.

Sankofa Saturdays at Akoma Unity Center are more than just a way to pass the time; they are a vital part of our mission to educate, entertain, and unite. By providing a safe and supportive environment where learning and fun go hand in hand, we help shape well-rounded individuals ready to face the world’s challenges.

Don’t let your family miss out on this enriching experience. Join us next Sábado at Akoma Unity Center and be part of a community that grows and learns together.

Visit our website or contact us for more details and to see how you can become a part of the Sankofa Sábado adventure.