Akoma Unity Center

In the vibrant community of San Bernardino, there stands a figure synonymous with compassion, leadership, and unwavering dedication – Kimberly Calvin, affectionately known as Mama Kim. As the Co-Creator and Director of Akoma Unity Center, Mama Kim has not just led an organization; she has nurtured a family, a community, and a movement.

The Genesis of a Visionary Leader

Kimberly Calvin’s journey to becoming the heart of Akoma Unity Center is a story of resilience, passion, and a deep-rooted desire to uplift those around her. Her multifaceted roles as a Homeless Community Liaison, Property Manager, and Small Business Owner have all converged to shape her vision for Akoma – a vision where every individual, especially the youth, has the opportunity to thrive in a supportive and nurturing environment.

The Warmth of Mama Kim

Mama Kim’s warmth is not just a personality trait; it’s a beacon that has drawn countless individuals to Akoma Unity Center. Her ability to connect, to understand, and to empathize has created a space where everyone feels valued and heard. It’s this unique quality that has earned her the endearing title of ‘Mama Kim’ – not just to her four children and four grandchildren, but to the entire community she serves.

Leadership That Inspires

Under Mama Kim’s leadership, Akoma Unity Center has blossomed into more than just a community center; it’s a hub of empowerment, learning, and cultural richness. Her hands-on approach and inclusive leadership style have been instrumental in creating programs that cater to the diverse needs of the community – from educational initiatives to cultural celebrations.

A Community’s Champion

Mama Kim’s impact extends beyond the walls of Akoma. Her recent election as the San Bernardino Ward 6 City Councilwoman is a testament to her commitment to community service. She has been a driving force in re-establishing the Shirrell’s Neighborhood Association, advocating for the homeless, and working tirelessly to build a sustainable and productive city.

Honors Well-Deserved

The accolades and recognitions bestowed upon Mama Kim, including being named a Citizen of Achievement and a Community Champion, are reflections of her profound impact. These honors are not just personal achievements but symbols of the respect and admiration she has garnered from the community and her peers.

The Legacy of Mama Kim

As we celebrate Mama Kim’s birthday, we are reminded of the indelible mark she has left on the community. Her legacy is not just in the programs she has initiated or the policies she has influenced; it’s in the lives she has touched, the minds she has inspired, and the hearts she has warmed.

Mama Kim’s story is one of unwavering commitment to her community, a testament to the power of compassionate leadership. As the heart of Akoma Unity Center, she continues to inspire, empower, and unite. Here’s to Mama Kim – a leader, a mentor, a mother to many, and a beacon of hope and love in the community. Happy Birthday, Mama Kim, and thank you for all that you do.